Who Is Regan?

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to check out regansrugby.com.

Here’s a little inside information to help you on your journey and to get an idea of what we stand for; our mission.



We encourage leadership. We don’t follow the crowd, we create our own.


It doesn’t matter where you’re from, we work together to get it done.


We operate with complete transparency, no BS, no secrets and no lies.


We find the balance between work, health, and life to achieve sustainable results.

Let me give you a bit of background so that you can see where my passion and expertise comes fr

So now you might be thinking, so who is this Regan fella, what’s his deal?! Well Regan gives you some more info below

Let me give you a bit of background so that you can see where my passion and expertise comes fr

Let me give you a bit of background so that you can see where my passion and love for rugby and fitness comes from.

I’ve been rugby mad since I was a kid. I played every weekend at any chance I could get, playing for local teams and captaining the Essex U18s.

Unfortunately, my biscuit knees halted my playing career with 3 surgeries by the time I was 17. During my rehab I started learning strongman movements and was able to enter strongman competitions. I even got up to Britain’s Strongest Man u90kg before, you guessed it, getting injured again.

Despite these setbacks, my determination and love for training made me want to continue, but this time with a new angle. With everything I had learnt through rugby, strongman and life, I focussed on helping others achieve their goals. That’s when my coaching career started. Within 9 months my diary was filled with personal training, group coaching, fitness classes and S&C sessions. I built a community of like-minded guys all looking to lose weight, feel great, and play better rugby.

I then branched into online coaching, where I found I could help more guys from all around the UK (and further) to achieve their visual and performance goals.  I have worked with regansrugby.com full time since 2019 and it has been the best thing to happen to me.  All my lessons from playing, learning, coaching all combined into one program. And I have to say, from the results I’ve already seen, it’s a pretty damn good program.

I truly believe in the values above and hope that you join the team and can experience it for yourself.

So tell me, what are you struggling with? Why don’t you drop me an email and tell me about it regansrugby@gmail.com

Talk soon