The Man Plan

I want you to start by thanking mother earth for blessing us with her energy…

Naah just kidding, this is THE MAN PLAN

I know it’s a bit of a cheesy name, but you’re just my tester group so it will probably change

You’re here because you watched my video announcement about my new program

I need some guinea pigs and you want to be one of them

(If you haven’t watched the video announcement, please go do that by CLICKING HERE as it will explain a lot)

In the modern world there’s a lot going on: mortgage, work, family, bills, fear mongering, society. Pressure from all angles

As you saw in the video announcement my personal interests and coaching have evolved over the years:

I started with exercise, then broadened into nutrition, and recently started learning about mindset

I’ve learnt that tackling your mindset is the absolute key to getting control of both your physical and mental health

Now I don’t mean to get too hippie, but what are your life goals?

No, I don’t just mean for work

What gets you out of bed?

What’s the point?

I know I’m only 30.  So I’m sure I’ve been exposed to less pressures than you have: kids, career etc

But I’ve learnt some amazing practices, exercises and techniques that have really helped myself and the few people I’ve shared it with

I’ve spent a huge chunk of my time in the past years learning about mindset: through books, free and paid courses, expert mentoring and coaching

I truly feel like it’s given me a new take on life, and I’m going to start sharing it


The meat and bones

As you saw there are 10 key elements in the program

In the full program you will learn about and undergo challenges in each of these elements

  1. Fuel
  2. Train
  3. Love
  4. Create
  5. Challenge
  6. Learn
  7. Communicate
  8. Brothers
  9. Breathe
  10. Reflect

I’ve compiled a huge list of practices that will explore each of the 10 elements leaving you:

More confident, feeling accomplished, having a better grasp on life, better stress management, goal driven, ready to attack each day and feel like a motherfucking badass

Oh, plus the usual sort your nutrition and training out so you get in the best shape of your life


If you want to be a tester, if this seems interesting to you, I am able to give everything above free of charge

I only have 2 rules:

Rule 1 is 100% commitment

You will respond to my challenges, you will complete said tasks, and you will report back to the group how your task went no matter how strange or out there it may seem (don’t worry, this won’t be public and only the test group will see it)

Rule 2 is feedback

I need feedback and testimonials to show others the outcome of the new program.  Video testimonials are preferred but I need AT LEAST a short written paragraph at the end of the coaching period

So in return for free coaching that will massively improve your physical and mental health, all you need to do is respond when I contact you (basic politeness), actually DO THE TASKS, and at the end of the coaching take 1 minute to complete a testimonial

Sound like a good deal?  Yeah I thought so!


Thank you for reading this far, it really means a lot that you’re interested in the new aspects of the program

If you agree with the 2 rules of the program and want to take part, just message me the password “Yippie Ki Yay Motherfucker”

That way I’ll know you have read this whole page and you agree to the rules

Now go back to which ever platform we were talking on and message me the password

I look forward to hearing from you and getting this started!