Thank you for agreeing to do a video testimonial for me. It really helps with promotions when new members hear about the benefits of my program from you rather than me.

Here are some simple but necessary guidelines before you take the video.


  1. Lighting – use natural lighting by standing in front of a window (in daylight)
  2. Angle – Use your webcam or place your phone on something at eye level (do not hold the phone) and place it landscape (sideways)
  3. Sound – Speak loudly and make sure that the microphone is not covered
  4. Talk into the camera – don’t watch your image on the screen


Please answer these questions in the video, you don’t need separate clips, just in one recording is perfect

  1. Who are you? (Name, age, situation, job)
  2. What were you doing before my program (Talk about your routine ie random workouts, cheating on your diet, not sticking to a routine etc)
  3. What you had tried before (What programs or training and diet methods had you tried in the past)
  4. What have been the main results and benefits of my program (physique changes, mental changes)

Go do it!

Set a time in your phone to record the video, it should only take a few minutes.

Once it’s recorded send it to me via email to regansrugby@gmail.com

I really appreciate your support!