Jonathan Feels Like A New Man!

Jonathan works in an office and is pretty inactive most of the day. He used to snack all the time and couldn’t handle his cravings. After following our program he lost 12kg and feels fitter, stronger and much more confident. Check out what he said below!

At 50 Years Old Greg Changed His Life!

Greg is an engineer and works away from home a lot. He used this as an excuse to binge eat and his rugby ability and self confidence were dropping. After he reached out and started our program he lost over 10kg and got an international cap! Listen to what he said below!

Chris Can’t Wait To Get His Top Off Nowadays

Chris let the weight pile on over the years and didn’t know how to get it off. He had an idea of what to do but never focused on a proper training and nutrition program. He lost 10kg of fat, started playing contact rugby again, and feels more confident than ever!

Ben Has A Healthy Relationship With Food And Booze

Ben is a teacher and a dad, and struggles to find time in his busy lifestyle. He was trying all the new fitness trends out there: Crossfit… Keto… and nothing got him to lose weight. After following our program he lost 11kg, and now has a healthy relationship with beer and food! Watch the video to hear it from him!

“I’ve Lost 13kg, Shed Fat And Built Lean Muscle”

Chris let the weight pile on after starting his desk job. He downloaded some fitness apps but it never gave him motivation for more than a few weeks. He saw great progress during our program and signed up for another program straight away! Here’s what he had to say.

Paul Is Over His Injury And Feels Better All Round!

Paul was recovering from a bicep surgery and couldn’t quite get back to where he was before. After following our program he told us “I’ve dropped bodyfat, I look better, I’m stronger, I’m carrying more muscle and feel a lot more confident!”. Hear it from him below!

These Guys Transformed Their Body And Their Life…

Chris Lost 10kg In 12 Weeks
Sam lost 20g In 16 Weeks
Paul Lost 6kg in 9 Weeks
Jonathan Lost 12kg In 12 Weeks
Bryan lost 12kg in 24 weeks
Luke lost 20 kg in 12 Weeks
Mike lost 14kg In 16 Weeks
Carl Lost 14kg in 12 weeks
Paul Lost 5kg In 10 Weeks
Jamie lost 20kg in 13 weeks
Leigh lost 17kg in 16 Weeks
Matt lost 15kg in 20 weeks
George lost 11kg in 10 weeks
Chris lost 13kg In 12 Weeks
Matt lost 19 kg in 24 Weeks
Paul Lost 6kg in 12 Weeks
Graham Lost 9kg in 10 Weeks
Martyn lost 8kg in 10 weeks
Adam Lost 14kg in 12 weeks
Neil Lost 17kg in 16 weeks
Ben Lost 11KG In 16 Weeks
Steve lost 14kg in 12 weeks
Gaurav Lost 8kg In 10 Weeks
Mark Lost 6kg In 10 Weeks
Jamie Lost 17kg in 30 weeks

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