Before you join I just gotta check something…

The RugbyDad Kickstart is ONLY for a specific type of guy

Please please please please only join the Kickstart if you fit into any of the following:

  • You are a working man who struggles to keep fit
  • You have tried a bunch of times but can never keep the weight off
  • You’re sick of all the conflicting advice online
  • You struggle to find time between work, family, kids, social time etc
  • You find it hard to motivate yourself after a long work day
  • You want to enjoy your favourite food & drink
  • You want to look and feel your best
  • You want to make the little ones proud
  • You want to stop all the piss taking
  • You want to spice up your sex life
  • You want a step by step plan to get and keep you fit

Well my friend, if you’re still reading, it sounds like this is perfect for you.

My name is Regan and I set up Regansrugby.com for one purpose: To help rugby dads get fit, lose weight, and get their confidence back.

I’ve been coaching since 2014 as a personal trainer, fitness coach, class instructor, rugby coach, strength & conditioning coach, online coach, you name it. Plus all the coaches we work with have rugby playing roots and specialise in different fields.

We’ve helped over 7200 guys change their mindset, lifestyle and get in the best shape of their life.

All of our programs are delivered online, so you can join from wherever you are! And yes, you can get 50% off the already tiny price. Reduced from £21 to £10.50!

What Is The RugbyDad Kickstart?

The Rugbydad Kickstart is an intro course packed full of real world principles. It’s a taster of what’s on our full 1 to 1 program at a fraction of the cost. The next intake is on January 23rd. If you choose to join, you can expect the following:

  • 21 days of hard work
  • A full training program with exercises, sets, reps, rest, the works
  • A 25+ page nutrition plan with a shopping list, cooking instructions, calorie breakdowns
  • A dedicated coach in your pocket 24/7 (a real coach, not some automated robot)
  • 100% remote training, so you can get coached wherever you are from
  • The kick up the arse you need to stop making excuses and get in the best shape of your life!

And you could get all of the above at 50% off the regular cost

Was £21

Now Just £10.50!

Check Out These Happy Members

So, what are you waiting for?! You could join our legendary gang of members at a tiny price tag of just £10.50 (that’s 50p per day!).


I don’t play rugby, is this still suitable for me?
Yes this program is perfect for both rugby players and non players.  If you want to get fit, tone up and feel confident, this is for you!

I can’t get to a gym, can I still do the Kickstart?
Yes you can! You have a choice of home bodyweight workouts or gym workouts.  All you need is your front room to take part!

How long does the Kickstart last?
The Kickstart is a 21 day program.  Enough time to get you to change your habits and feel like a new man!

How is the program delivered?
We use an app for the program, nutrition and communication. It’s very simple and easy to use 

What if I don’t know how to do an exercise?
Each workout comes with exercise videos and demonstrations, so you always know what to do. 

I don’t have much time to train, how long will this take?
The home and running workouts shouldn’t take longer than 40 minutes.  The gym sessions will take about 1 hour.

Do I have to give up beer or carbs?
Not at all!  Beer and carbs are definitely allowed in moderation.  We don’t believe in restrictive diets, just a healthy lifestyle. 

How does the nutrition work? I’m quite picky with my food.
We give you a nutrition plan template where you can pick what meals you like.  It’s more like a guideline than a regimented plan.  We monitor every calorie you eat/drink throughout the week, so there is a lot of accountability!

I have an injury, can I still take part?
Yes dealing with injuries is normal, you will need to tweak your workout program to make it suitable.  Fully custom programs are only for our 1 to 1 clients.

If I want more help, can I upgrade my program?
Absolutely.  If you are a good fit for our 1 to 1 program, you will be invited to join.

When does it start? What if I can’t do some of the training?
The Kickstart begins on January 23rd. If you have a holiday or a long weekend planned that’s fine, just work hard before and after your trip and you will still see results!

What if I don’t like the Kickstart?
If you follow the program and see no results OR just didn’t enjoy the program, we will issue a refund immediately. 

Can you train me in person?
Unfortunately all our programs are delivered online.  But in our experience with rugby dads, a program and kick up the arse is usually all you need to hit your fitness goal!