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What Is Your Long Term Goal?!

As I said on the last page, this is a taster of our full RugbyFit program. This is the program that will secure your long term physical and mental health

As mentioned the RugbyFit program is just £100 per month… BUT I want to give you a special offer

If you already know the RugbyFit program will get you to your fitness goal

If you’ve seen the results of guys that have followed the program and want the same

If you’re an action taker and an opportunist


Simply reply to my welcome email with “I’m Ready To Join” and we can set you up!

This offer will be live until 1st September… and after that, there will be no more freebies

So keep an eye out for my welcome email, and if at any time before September 1st you want to claim your free month, let me know!