Blog #8

Become the Super-Dad

I actually wrote this as an email – but thought it could be useful as a blog too. Enjoy!

I get it.

You want to be the Super-Dad your kids always dreamt of

No more being too tired to play with them

No more being too hungover you can’t get out of bed

I know this is what you want

To be best friends with them

To do everything they want with you

I get it, it can be demanding, but it doesn’t have to be

Here’s a few steps to follow so you can become the Super-Dad

1. Keep Fit.  I know playing with little’uns doesn’t seem hard from the outside, but after even 5 minutes it can be exhausting

2. Don’t be hungover.  We all know what playing rugby is like hungover, but at least that’s only 80 minutes, kids last all day!  Think whether you really need that 7th or 8th beer, for your kids sake

3. Fuel Yourself.  Sounds silly, but if you’re stuffing your face with crap, your body will move like crap.  Give yourself nutritious food so you have energy to play all day

4. Stay Hydrated.  Drink plenty of plain water, not sugary crap, that includes fruit juice & milk.  The marketing might want you to think those drinks are healthy, but trust me, they’re not!

5. Be An Example.  Live your life how you want your kids to.  Set examples, teach them to stay fit and eat well.  It will give you less pressure in the long run.

6. Show Love.  Kids mirror us.  If we show a manly hard exterior, they will show us the same.  If you want the morning hugs, if you want want the “I love you” moments, you gotta give them out too.

Anyway, just some food for thought if you want to become the Super-Dad

If you have questions, feel free to fire away

All the best