Blog #7

Surviving Lockdown

So I get it, I might be a bit late on this one, but as they say, better late than never!  I just wanted to give some tips and tricks on how to tackle your health during lockdown.  So if you’re getting hard thinking about reading another blog of mine, grab your tissues and get ready, it’s going to be messy.

Lockdown 2 is upon us.  And whilst after all this COVID BS has blown over this article be completely useless for anyone reading it, hopefully I can help some peeps who need help during the lockdown right now.  And I think this advice will help all of those around the world. I understand there are some nation specific rules, but as general help, it’s pretty damn good.

Firstly, look after your fitness.  I don’t understand why everyone goes crazy when gyms are shut.  How do you think people exercised 1000 years ago? Oh yeah, they used THEIR BODY.  There are millions, literally millions of bodyweight exercises you can do.  Oh and also, there’s MILLIONS of hours on the internet of free workout videos.  Just pull your finger out of your arse, and tap your phone a few times, then voila, unlimited home workouts!  There’s no point bitching and moaning that your gym is closed.  Deal with it, use your brain, and train like the Spartans did!

Next, you need to look after your nutrition.  And what better time to focus on nutrition when all restaurants and pubs are shut.  I’ll repeat that.  ALL RESTAURANTS AND PUBS ARE SHUT.  I’m 100% sure all of your binging comes from take-aways, meals out, and sitting in the local boozer every weekend.  Now that’s gone, most of your calories should also be gone.  Use this time to learn to cook, try some new recipes, maybe have a meal with your partner for once.  In my opinion there’s no excuse not to eat well during lockdown.

Get plenty of fresh air.  Seems simple, but it’s important.  No matter what your job is, I bet you start your day getting some fresh air. Whether it’s walking to the train, traveling in your van, you get a good dose of fresh air every morning.  You should keep this up.  I advise all my clients who are working from home to make sure they still get this dose of fresh air in the morning.  And the same in the afternoon.  Get fresh air as often as you can, it’ll do wonders, trust me.

Stay in touch with friends.  Now with all the different messaging apps this is fairly simple, but texting is different to a conversation.  I know as guys we don’t really call our mates, pffft, why would we do that?! But having a live conversation is so much more meaningful than sending texts.  Call up a mate, see how they’re doing, you might even have a laugh doing it!

Pick up a hobby.  There’s nothing worse than realising you just spend 5 hours just scrolling on social media all afternoon.  Or for some people, 5 days!  If you’re working from home, you’ve got around an extra hour per day to spare because you’re not traveling.  And if you play rugby or hit the gym, that’s another 2 hours of free time you’re not used to.  So 3 extra hours every day!  Pick up a hobby, read a book, start knitting for all I care.  Find something that mentally stimulates you with all your extra time, and DON’T just waste it perving on bikini models on Instagram (ok, you can do that, just don’t spend all your time doing it).

Anyway, that’s all from me.  Wow I wrote that in 10 minutes, let’s see what kind of response it gets.

And as always, if you need help with looking after your health during lockdown, just drop me an email, regansrugby@gmail.com.

All the best