Blog #2

Office Snack Hacks

Yes, you heard it here first.  The first blog in the world talking about snacking in the office! Ok, well, not really.  But let’s just pretend it is then you’ll find the info much more valuable.

Firstly here’s a few reasons why my advice might be useful.  I’ve been a PT for 5 years, where my main clientele was 9 to 5ers.  I’ve worked as an online coach for 3 years, again mainly with desk workers. I’ve also spent 2 years in office jobs, on my gap yaaah and the standard stint recruitment after uni.  So hopefully you can see I can talk the talk and have also walked the walk.

Anyway, lets get into some points that are useful to you rather than rambling on about my life…

  1. Eat breakfast at your desk

Might seem like a simple one, but hear me out.  Eating at home can be time consuming and often difficult to stay regimented with the Nutella and toast in the cupboard.  By having a healthy breakfast (a box of porridge oats) in your desk it means you can have porridge every day for breakfast.  It’s low calorie, slow energy release food that will keep you full.  You also waste 15 mins at your desk eating when the boss thinks you’re busy, double win!

2. Stockpile healthy snacks

We all know how hard it is to say no to Karen’s birthday cake when the whole office is munching away.  But if you’ve got healthy snacks in your desk (protein bars, healthy flapjacks, fruit, rice cakes) you can turn down the sugary, calorific cake but still enjoy a snack with your colleagues.

3. Meal Prep

Now there’s two ways to do this.  Either spend an hour bulk cooking your meals on Sunday evening and prep for the whole week.  Or invest in one of those meal prep companies.  Yes they seem expensive from the off, but at roughly £5 per meal and cutting out all the cooking costs (and cooking much tastier food than you) it is a worthy investment.  Imagine not cooking all week and the time you’d save?!

4. Share with co-workers

None of us like to admit we’re trying to eat healthy, but it really is a great way to start.  If your colleagues know you’re trying to eat well, yes there might be some teasing at first, but they will support you after a day or two.  Find a group of colleagues who can join on the fitness regime with you for that extra support.

5. Swap your coffee

Might be an obvious one, but not everyone thinks about it.  A large milky latte can have up to 200 calories in it.  If you’re guzzling 2-3 of those a day that’s 600 calories of liquid – not ideal.  Stick to black coffee and plain tea’s to cut down on the liquid calories.

6. Talking of liquid calories – BOOZE

Aah the silent mistress.  Ever watching us, ready to make us cave on Thursday evenings and over the weekend.  We all know it won’t help us with our fitness goals, yet we continue to cave.  But you CAN have a drink or two without killing your new healthy regime.  Liqueurs contain only around 50 calories per serving, as compared to the average pint of beer containing 200 calories.  So if you have a night on vodka soda lime instead of the amber nectar, you’re cutting down by 150 calories PER DRINK. 

7. Still be human

Yes you might want to lose a bit of weight, and yes you’re trying to be as healthy as possible, but remember that you’re still human.  Everybody has a night off their diet: professional athletes, magazine cover models, and so should you.  If you train and eat well most of the week, enjoy your night off. But remember, it should be a night off and not a weekend off.

So, I hope you’ve learnt a bit from this article, I plan on writing more like it.  If you’ve enjoyed it, do me a favour and share it around, it helps build my profile.  And the more clicks I get, the more time I’ll put into writing articles.

And if you have any specific questions about training, nutrition, rugby, or anything else just shoot me a message.

Stay strong,