Blog #16

The summer holidays are here! Which means one thing: beach time!

Whether you’re having a staycation, or are able to go abroad, follow these 4 tactics so you don’t put on 2 stone and come back feeling like Mr Blobby!

And for the record, if you are happy putting on 2 stone on holiday, just close this article

But if you want to learn how to enjoy within moderation – read on!

1. One Meal Per Day

No, I don’t mean only eat 1 meal per day.  I mean only go CRAZY 1 meal per day.  Going away is for trying new foods and enjoying yourself.  I fully support having a big dinner.  I just don’t support having a HUGE breakfast, MEGA lunch, and then a HUGE dinner.  Try to have 2 lighter meals and 1 bigger meal if you want to keep the calorie intake down 

2. Keep Active

Sounds obvious, but hear me out. Yes, there was a time in my life when I would sacrifice half my day on holiday finding a gym and training, but I don’t suggest that for rugby dads.  If you can do a quick bodyweight workout or run in the morning then sure that’s great.  OR if you stay active every day with the kids: beach games, go for a long walk, playing in the sea, it’s probably good enough!

3. Train Hard Before You Go

With all our members I tell them to get the work done in the week prior to the trip.  Try to train every day in the build up to when you’re away, that way you’re weekly calorie burning is very high which allows for some indulging on your trip!

4. Booze 

Now I for one love a beer to close the day on holiday: Mythos in Greece, Chang in Thailand, or Dreher here in Hungary. But there’s a difference in enjoying a tipple, and having so much that you tip over! Sure the heavy drinking days will happen (that might be the whole reason why you go away) but just try to monitor the intake.  That way you’re saving calories, saving dosh, and you’re fully present in the morning for the kids!

Anyway, I hope these 4 tactics help

Let me know which one you found most useful, and feel free to send this article to a mate who might need some help