Blog #15

Is Fruit The Devil?!

Now in my head this fruit dilemma is pretty clear, but I thought I’d elaborate a bit seeing as there is quite a bit of conflicting information

Some people say fruit is the best thing for you…

Others say it is slowly killing you…

I knew a trainer who once said to never touch fruit because of the sugar content, he explained “Fruit is like cocaine, it’s so good and once you have it you’re hooked”

Whilst I strongly disagree with this statement, and generally think that guy was a pleb, it is true that fruit is mainly made up from sugar 

But what fruit is also made up from is TOOOOONNNNNNEESSSSS of healthy vitamins and minerals that help your body function

When I was a young whipper snapper meathead listening to idiot bodybuilders on YouTube I had a period of cutting out ALL CARBS

No fruit, no bread, no veg, nothing 

Literally I ate meat and eggs, it was rank

I was always tired and almost sick the entire year

I learnt the hard way that we need fruit and vegetables to feel good

And here’s what I see a lot on social media

Comparisons between unhealthy and healthy snacks

Something like a Mars bar vs a banana, and they claim that a mars bar has 120 calories and so does a banana, so there’s no different in which one you eat


The 120 calories in a Mars bar are made of processed chocolate and garbage…

Whereas the 120 calories in a banana are full of healthy NATURAL vitamins and minerals 

Calories and macronutrients are the first thing to track

But after it also matters what makes up those calories and macronutrients

Anyway rant over

I hope you found this useful

What’s your favourite fruit?  Drop me an email regan@regansrugby.com and let me know!