Blog #14

Neil’s Story…

How does losing 3 stone sound?!?!

Now I won’t lie…

This was almost a year long process

But like a Guiness, it’s worth the wait 😉

Neil was stuck in the regular rut:

Busy work schedule meant he couldn’t hit the gym

Dad time took up most of his evenings and weekends

And he felt his health and motivation slowly slipping away

With so much confusing BS online he didn’t know where to start


Neil got in touch with me and I was able to crush a few of his fitness myths


To lose weight and feel fit, the gym isn’t essential

Sure it can help with variety and motivation, but you CAN get fit without a gym

…And often home workouts can save a tonne of time too!

Myth #2 You can only eat salads

Salads are usually a low-calorie meal (before you add the dressing) but again, they’re not essential

You can eat carbs/drink beer/have a take away… it just needs to be a treat, and not a daily thing

Myth #3 Training online doesn’t work

Well I’ll be honest, the emphasis is on you with online training…

I can give you the plan and the kick up the arse, but if you don’t do the work, you won’t get any change

BUT if you’re motivated to train, and a plan and kick up the arse is what you need, online training is for you

So, firstly lets say well done to our member Neil, who has kept the weight off since losing it all last year

And secondly, if you can relate to Neil’s story and want to claim a free coaching call with me where we can analyse your lifestyle and assess what needs to be done

Drop me an email to regan@regansrugby.com with the subject “Coaching” and I’ll be in touch

All the best