Blog #13

Time Management Hacks

The one thing we never have enough of…Time. I know I’m not as busy as you probably are, as I don’t have any kids screaming for my attention all day. But I do have a dog, and a cat that still likes to shit on the windowsill every now and again (true story).

But time is the one thing that usually holds guys back from attacking their fitness goals. And once I found out this trick, this method I use, it usually wipes out that excuse.

What you need to do, is set up a long piece of paper/excel sheet/however it is you like to work, list out in a column the 24 hour day, and block it out in 30 minute blocks. So there should be 48 blocks of time. Then, you start to fill in exactly how you spend your time in those 30 minute blocks.

For example:

0 to 6am is sleeping

6 – 6:30 prepping to leave the house

6:30 – 7 commute

7-9 work at desk


And so on and so on. And yes, you might have guessed that your work time is pretty regulated. But when it comes to the evening it might look something like this:

4 – 5pm kill work time watching useless videos

5 – 5:30 commute home

5:30 – 6:30 play with kids

6:30 – 7 scrolling social media

7 – 7:30 prep and eat dinner

7:30 – 8 put kids to bed

8 – 10 watch rubbish on tv

10 – 10:30 prep for bed

10:30 – midnight sleep

And this is just an example, but already we can see that this person watches 2 hours of TV a night, 30 mins of wasted time on social media, and 1 hour of “work time” doing nothing. That’s 3.5 hours of wasted time. And for a workout, it can start at just 30 minutes.


Your calendar might not be as free as this example, but if you can just find a couple of 30 minute blocks in your week, then you’re good to go!

So, if you try this method, let me know how it goes. And if you need more help with habit changing and time management, be sure to watch my workshop on breaking bad habits and changing your mindset. You can watch it by CLICKING HERE