Blog #11

Bad Back = Bad Sex

Let me tell you a sexual story (Not in too much detail I promise)

As you know I am an ex strongman who used to do stupidly heavy lifts each week… which lead to it’s fair share of injuries (particularly in the lower back). And at the same time my Mrs was in the hardcore personal training stage and performing all sorts of acrobatic stunts for her clients and for social media.

Low and behold one week, my back pinged, and also her neck went. And let’s just say that week of intimacy was quite a struggle! And it got me thinking…

A lot of my members have been struggling with back backs, or other injuries for years, and feel helpless at fixing it:

One member went to a chiro who just clicked his back and said come back every week until the pain is gone.  And at £45 per 20 minutes that’s an expensive treatment right there!

Another went with the “rest” option… which 3 years later didn’t seem to magically have resolved itself (DURRR).

Or maybe you start to do some daily stretching/start yoga… which only makes you more flexible, and doesn’t strengthen the weak joint.


I’m no physio by trade… but after 10 years competing at a high level, I’ve had my share of injuries and learnt what to do.

If you get injured, rest DOES work, for the first few weeks.  Most injuries will calm down and can feel better within a few weeks. (rest the injured area, don’t stop training altogether!)

If the injury is still there, then go see a SPORTS PHYSIOTHERAPIST.  Not wait in line for an NHS physio. Not to bash the health system, but they are generalists, and you want to see a specialist… a specialist that actually wants you to be active again (swap one night out for a physio treatment, trust me, it’s an investment).

Then FIND AND STICK TO A FUCKING TRAINING PROGRAM to make sure the injury goes away and stays away!

If you ping your shoulder, there’s no point in doing 2 weeks of rehab then going back to your lazy ways or damaging training sessions. You gotta keep up the rehab… hypothetically forever!

I’ve torn both my ACLs and I try to do some rehab every single week, because if I don’t my general life suffers 

And ALSO, what’s great for stopping injuries. Is being ACTIVE, STRONG & NOT OVERWEIGHT!!!

If you’re a couch potato and never exercise, I’m not surprised that when you throw a ball around with the little one/play some touch that you twist your ankle and break it

If you’re carrying 4 more stone than you used to I’m not surprised that falling off your bike resulted in a broken wrist 

And if you are stuck to your desk every day and never move your body I’m not surprised that you feel as stiff as a board!

Anyway, this has turned into a bit of a rant (sorry)

But if you want to be injury free, want to feel fit and strong, and of course be the sexual god you want to be.

My advice is to keep fit and active, not just train for holidays

Have a good week


If you have questions, email me at regansrugby@gmail.com