Blog #10

Running: Friend or Foe?

“Just go for runs”

“Running is easy”

“I lost loads of weight going for runs”

You might hear these from your running friends

As that’s what worked for them

And funnily enough, everyone bangs on about what works for them, because that’s all they know

(Apart from my RugbyFit program, as that’s based on what works for guys like you, but that’s another story)

Lets look at why running is good

1. It’s cheap.  You can just put some clothes on (optional) and go for a run

2. It’s fast.  No travel time to the gym, can be done in 20 minutes (depending on fitness), in and out, bosh!

3. It’s easy to track progress.  Get one of those apps and voila, you can see if you are getting faster each week, or going further

4. You can do it with the kids.  Family time is important, and I like to encourage activity that the family can do together

So yes

There’s quite a few good reasons

But here’s the catch (or catches)

1. It’s easy to get injured.  If you’ve had time off running (and put on weight) your joints aren’t used to the impact.  Going straight into a 5k could cause you more harm than good.

2. No Gear – No Chance.  Whilst running seems cheap.  After a few goes, you realise you need specialist equipment.  Running shoes £80+. New top and bottoms that don’t chafe £70+. Smartwatch to track your times £100+ etc etc. It starts to add up.

3. Weather.  Don’t lie. Nobody wants to run in the rain.  And if you’re in the UK, the rain is probably going to be there more days than not.  And that can stop your workout, and stop you progressing.

4. Comparing to friends.  Running with friends is great motivation.  But it can be demotivating if you’re always at the back of the pack.  Don’t get caught up in competition, it’s you vs you!

5. No diet manipulation.  Running alone won’t do anything if you eat junk 3 times a day.  If running suits you, great, but diet is more important if you want to hit a weight loss goal.

6. Steady state running has almost NO impact on rugby.  Do you ever run straight for 30 minutes in rugby? Then why do it for your training!?


If you’re trying to shift some weight

Running isn’t the answer

Yes, running can help, and I definitely use it in my programs

But just consider the above points before you put on your 10 year old converses and try to “run it off”

And as always, if you have questions, feel free to email me regansrugby@gmail.com

All the best