Blog #1

Here we go again…

Yes, yes, you’ve seen it all before.  Here’s another coach with too much time on their hands and loves himself so much he’s starting to write a blog.  But here me out… it’s going to be good.

I’ve started writing a blog before, and it was actually quite fun.  Not one of those boring “Here is a bench press, a bench press works the pectorals…” blah blah blah please kill me type blogs.  I’m just a regular guy, writing like a regular guy.  And even swearing sometimes, ooh how naughty.

Anyway, I’m gonna keep this short and sweet because it’s only an introduction.  You may not know the story about me so buckle in and get ready for one hell of a ride.  Well, don’t really, my life isn’t that interesting.

I’m an ex private schoolboy who sacked off the city life to work in a gym.  Rugby and training were always my passion.  After 2 years of selling my soul in some bullshit desk job I packed it all in and *Imagine me with a ponytail, some scrubby goatee, a tie die t shirt holding up the peace sign with my hands* started following my dreams maaaan.

I’ve done most of the gym jobs – membership sales, marketing, personal training, managing, and all the rest. I really enjoyed my time in the gym.  I worked with all types of clients, from weight loss mummies to my mates who played rugby.  I bet you can guess who I enjoyed working with most.

So after leaving my city job because I felt like a slave, I had become a slave in another profession.  Working a full 40h as a gym manager plus 20 hours of personal training on top, it really took it’s toll.  On my physical and mental health, on my social time, on my relationship, everything. I was in a nose dive and it wasn’t pretty.

I had started training some friends remotely.  As in sending them training plans and catching up with them on the phone.  I quickly found this was a much more time efficient and cost effective way for both the client and for me.  No gym fees, no travel time, and no waking up at 5:45am, yaaay. 

After a few years of developing my online program, and doing my fair bit of traveling on the way, this is where I am now.  Running my online coaching business whilst on the move.  Covid and lockdown halted those travel plans, so I’m currently residing in Hungary, where my wonderful woman is from.  It’s a great place with good weather and plenty to do (plus it’s cheap as chips). 

Anyway, there’s enough crap about me.  If you’re looking for some quick bants, some useful training tips, and a couple of swear words on the way.  Then stay tuned for my next blog.  I have no idea what I’ll write about, but I bet it will be saucy.

Stay strong,