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First of all, congratulations for joining my 28 Day Challenge

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Yes you have just embarked on the best challenge out there

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And as you know

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My 28 Day Challenge is a taster of my RugbyFit Program

It’s a taster of what’s on my signature 12 week course

Now the main differences between my Challenge and my RugbyFit Program are:

1 to 1 coaching directly from me – for that extra kick up the arse

A personalized workout routine – to suit your specific goals

More advanced nutritional resources – so you eat even better

Mindset tasks to complete – to improve mental health

And a longer commitment to guarantee a lifestyle shift

Now I’m Going to be Honest…

My 28 Day Challenge is AMAZING

If you follow the workouts, food plan, and my advice perfectly

You WILL lose a stone in 28 days. Fact.


And there is a but

You need to be 100% sure you will follow everything

You need to know you are committed every single hour of every single day

And if you feel this may be difficult

Because you work long hours… your family take up lots of time… or your motivation has ups and downs

I have something perfect for you.

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I invite you to get my Pressure Package

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2 pressure calls with me personally during the challenge

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And my undivided attention for the whole month

I Won’t Lie to You.

My signature RugbyFit program does require an investment

But if you want to upgrade today with the Pressure Package

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£1 for unlimited support from me

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My RugbyFit program does require an investment

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Now Get Ready for the Challenge!

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Talk soon!


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