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Jonathan Feels Like He Did In His Uni Days!

Jonathan works in an office and is pretty inactive most of the day. He used to snack all the time and couldn’t handle his cravings. After following my program he lost 12kg and feels fitter, stronger and much more confident. Check out what he said below!

At 50 Years Old Greg Changed His Life!

Greg is an engineer and works away from home a lot. He used this as an excuse to binge eat and his rugby ability and self confidence were dropping. After he reached out and started my program he lost over 10kg and got an international cap! Listen to what he has to say by clicking this video!

Ben Has A Healthy Relationship With Food And Booze

Ben is a teacher and a dad, and struggles to find time in his busy lifestyle. He was trying all the new training methods out there: PTs, Crossfit, and nothing got him to lose weight. After my online program he lost 11kg and now has a healthy relationship with beer and food! Watch the video to hear it from him!

Paul Is Over His Injury And Feels Better All Round!

Paul was recovering from a bicep surgery and couldn’t quite get back to where he was before. After following my program he told me “I’ve dropped bodyfat, I look better, I’m stronger, I’m carrying more muscle and feel a lot more confident!”

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Check Out These Transformations!
Chris lost 10kg in 12 weeks
Neil lost 22kg in 40 weeks
Matt lost 17kg in 20 weeks

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