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What Makes Us Different?

We help time poor RUGBY DADS lose a few stone so they look and feel more confident WITHOUT giving up bread & beer OR spending hours in the gym away from the family

With our easy to use app with fully customised workouts, you can train in your own time, and wherever you like.

Working with a sports nutritionist, we’ve created a tasty and easy to follow meal plan.

You’ll learn why you carry on with unhealthy habits, and how you can stop them… for good!

Having the support of other rugby dads around you is invaluable, you need to experience it.

If you want to push yourself, you’ll have plenty of competition to go against each testing week.

You’ll always have a dedicated coach to walk you through the program, and access to all other coaches.

How To Join The RugbyDad Program

We have a strict screening process. Most applicants must complete our RugbyDad Pathway before embarking on the RugbyDad Program


We screen every applicant to see if you are ready: you need enough time, energy, and finances to join the team. This isn’t a budget program, we’re here for long lasting results.


If everything is ticked, you’ll be invited onto our RugbyDad Pathway. This is where we work with you 1 to 1 to coach you through a physical and mental transformation.

After completing the pathway, you are ready to take on the RugbyDad program. Get ready for more challenges, more competition more motivation, and more results!

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